My Past

September 19, 2016

The Past is the Past, So why does it matter?
Just thinking about it makes me so much sadder.

You think that I’m fine, they don’t affect me.
But the thoughts and the pain I have you don’t see

Do people see change? Is change even there?
Don’t act like my friend if you really don’t care

The reactions are true, but they are not pleasant,
I don’t live by my past, I live in the present

I show no sadness because that’s not who i am,
I try and stay positive because it’s all that I can,

You kick me to the ground, but yet I arise,
I grow weary from standing and facing these lies

The pain I have felt is too much to bear,
I just want to curl in a ball and just stay there…


But wait, why should your thoughts matter to me?
If I base my life off your thoughts, wouldn’t you be me?

My life is not perfect, my life can be cruel,
But my life has only one dictator to rule.

And that person is not you, it never will be.
My life is my life, I’m unique and I’m free

I do have some friends, I show them I care.
I know if I need them they will always be there.

My life is made for me and me only,
And I know I will never be so sad and so lonely.

Your past doesn’t define you, turn over a new leaf,
Fill your head with your dreams, let go of the grief

After all, The Past is the past, so why does it matter?
Just thinking about it makes me so much gladder.

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