Read This Out Loud

September 15, 2016
By jlain PLATINUM, Littleton, Colorado
jlain PLATINUM, Littleton, Colorado
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Read this out loud. You are not enough. You are not pretty enough. You are not smart enough. You are not popular enough. You are just not enough.
Now read this out loud. You are enough. You are pretty enough to get a few side glances. You are smart enough to skim by in your classes. You are popular enough for people to recognize the face behind the rumor. You are enough.
Now don’t read this out loud. I’m not okay.
Now read this out loud. I’m okay.
Now pretend to be this. Happy.
Now really be this. Depressed.
Now do this. Build surface relationships and believe that everyone’s okay.
Don’t do this. Make sure everyone’s okay.
Now be yourself.
Don’t be yourself like that, what are you doing?
Now be yourself in a way that will make you fit in.
Just kidding, don’t be yourself. Don’t be anything.

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