For Anyone Who Falls in Love With Me

September 15, 2016
By itskaydenblake BRONZE, Ocean City, Maryland
itskaydenblake BRONZE, Ocean City, Maryland
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Dear future lover,

I'm going to say sorry in advance

that I'm usually an emotional wreck,

and I'll spend hours in the shower

singing sad songs to myself becuase that's the only place I feel safe.

I'm apologizing that I might be too clingy,

and I'll constantly ask if you really love me,

'cause I'll still be in disbelief that someone could actually love ME.

I'm sorry that sometimes I'll disappear late at night.

Please don't worry.

I just need to take a midnight walk and look up at the stars.

These things calm me.

I apologize that I'll often sound selfish,

I promise I don't do it on purpose,

it's just I've been alone so long that I don't know how to care about much more than myself.

I'm sorry that some nights I'll go to bed

and never want to wake up again,

and I'll throw threats of suicide around

like this is some type of game.

It's times like this when I need your love and support the most.

I apologize if you ever feel like I don't want you

or that our relationship is one-sided,

I promise I love you more than anything,

it's just I'm still trying to get used to this "forever" thing.

I'm sorry for all of this

amd probably much more.

Just know that I'm trying

and that I'll learn how to love and care for more than myself;

I'll do it for you,

you just gotta stick with me and give me the chance.

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