disbelief in daylight

September 15, 2016

i breathe in
and bend
the breaking.

the lights simmer
down softly and
here amidst the gentle
rustling of feathers
i wonder quietly

what you do
with your dark;

it may be ebony
in this wing but i
can see you in my
mind's eye turning
down the blinds. i
can almost feel
the morning light
brindling your
skin, as if it
were my own. i
think my body just
sits here still but my
thoughts drift off to
where you are, tucked
safely away
by the meadow.

there are pop rocks
going off in my stomach
and the song is trying to
explode so i fight back
the riff and stay calm -
it takes such an
effort to keep it
together but i do well,

and if ever the bright
truly fell, if ever this
breath felt
i wonder quietly

what you'd do
with the dark.

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