September 13, 2016
By PW-Goddess BRONZE, Nyack, New York
PW-Goddess BRONZE, Nyack, New York
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Seven hours. Five days. Ten months. Twelve years.
Your entire childhood spent in a desk beside your peer.
Learn eight to three to work a nine to five.
By the time your sentence is up, you've lost your drive.
Day in and day out.
There's no other route.
Just an endless cycle of trying to survive until the weekend.

Work loads grows. Curiosity shrinks.
They want us to memorize, they don't want us to think.
Trained for a test.
Learning becomes a pest.
The gears have stop turning.
We're no longer learning.
We're just trying to stay afloat in an infinite sea.

Our work is driving us crazy.
Yet they claim we're just lazy.
We're stressed and depressed.
But they're still not impressed.
We're panicking and crying.
We contemplate dying.
Yet it's us who's broken, not the system.

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