My Beast

September 12, 2016
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Like a rainforest only
In a tunnel of darkness pressing you in
And in and in
And in an
And in

And out
And out an
And out and out
And back in yet again.
Twisting, turning
A cave with an acid ocean churning.
There- caverns.
Holes upon holes upon
Caverns upon holes.
A mountain that seems to SWELL
and fall, a mountain tide.
A canopy of trees,
Trees grown of the smoothest stone
Long and strong and white
But leafless,
Barren trunks with not a branch,
Elegant and daunting.
A rainforest,
With no rain.
Ragged pulsing cracks run over,
Around, under you, concealing the rivers,
Red, hot rivers that never spill a drop.
It's there, through the swelling hill.
The beast of two,
One side and its mirror in perfect,
Terrible harmony.
A monstrous beast, yes.
But a chained one,
Bound to its place in this ghastly forest
Forever pounding on and on and on.
And you, like a traveler, have stayed the
Path, braved the acid, rose and fell with the hill-
Now here you stand before the beast,
My beast
My slave
Your reward.
You have tamed it, stroked it, shown it kindness, shown it peace,
My beast.

My heart. 

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