Failure: My Greatest Success by: James Hynes

September 12, 2016

In this piece of writing by author James Hynes, I can relate to the feeling of failing and the feeling he had when he finally succeeded.  What really made this piece spark is that no matter what happened in Football and Basketball, he knew that he could achieve in Track.  He never gave up and used failure as motiviation.  Every athlete should strive for success, like James did.  As my high school coach always says "Life is full of adversity", James had some during his sophomore year of athletics.  He didn't pout and give up, he kept grinding and pushing as hard as he could.  Just like that, all the work and failure, motivated him to break his PR of under 5:00 in Track.  That's what makes athletes like James Hynes, very successful.  In credit to author James Hynes, great story and on never giving up!  I loved this piece and enjoyed reading it.

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