11:08 pm Thoughts

September 8, 2016

11:08 pm Thoughts

Swimming vocabulary

Urge but no execution

Disoriented because

it is late

it is

11:11 Thoughts

Mentally drained but I

still have the capability

still have the stability

to reflect

from Grand Canyon to the Lone Star

Shifting states

of minds

and new colors

and finds

empty glass, empty glass

no more water left

19 something lines and

I am still a mess

11:21 pm Thoughts

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texaskate said...
Sept. 12, 2016 at 11:37 pm
SR, that is awesome! I did the reverse state shift, from the Lone Star to the Grand Canyon. I read your other poems as well, and...wow...just wow. You write beyond your years. Tell your mom hi, from (one of) her favorite student, CG.
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