Light Me a Cigarette

September 5, 2016
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You took everything I owned away,
Made me feel like a stray,
Lets face it,
It’s a trap,
Pitiful me,
Must seem like,
I’m kind of crazy,
At the same time,
You left me in the dark,
About so much,
Was I just another anonymous,
I’m a fighter,
Light me a cigarette,
I’m not okay,
Actually the opposite,
Light me up,
If you want me to talk,
If you want me to talk.

I’m a fighter,
I am made to run,
I am supposed to hunt,
If you want me to last a lifetime,
You've gotta give me the answers I have been searching for,
Accept who I am,
Who I am willing to cease to be,
Light me a cigarette,
Let me live on my own two feet,
If you want me to be me,
Pour me a drink,
Because I am dying on the inside,
All of your jokes that made you laugh,
Made me cry one thousand times,
If you want me to react like I am okay,
Light me one cigarette,
And let me live my life,
I just want you to let me fall,
Don’t catch me,
I need to learn who I am,
Who I want to be.

I’m lost at sea,
Sail a boat of correct over to me,
My life has bad decisions as the anchors,
I just want to begin again,
Blow the match out,
Stick the cigarette in the dirt,
I am not that girl anymore,
I have finally found the crown that shapes my head,
No one is gonna stop me,
I am so done playing dead,
Don't light me a cigarette anymore,
I am standing on my two feet,
Ruling the crowd.

Twenty years later,
My lungs shut down,
I wanted to breathe,
I wanted to recollect how,
I remembered back to my teen age hell,
I went through a pack a day,
The damage never went away,
Even when I thought I threw my past away in the well,
It stayed with me,
I am still in hell,
My lungs keep shutting off,
The doctors think this is my last view of life,
I am through with the anchor of bad decisions,
You are the following generation,
Take my mistakes,
Turn them around,
Use the anchor to create a new idea,
You can rule,
And turn the earth back round,
I rest this responsibility in your arms,
Fulfill these duties,
My dear child,
Do not get lit,
And throw your life away,
In a smoke,
Stay alive,
For just one more day.

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