September 2, 2016
By megmichelle BRONZE, Rancho Santa Margarita, California
megmichelle BRONZE, Rancho Santa Margarita, California
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She wears her skin like a satin robe,
light on her shoulders, a soft cover
that falls off at a moment’s notice.
She breaks through it, like a sprouting seed,
bursting through the heavy, rain-drowned dirt
and shadows seep through her pores like insidious parasites.
Moonlight soaks her true skin, a desert drought,
eagerly sipping at the pulsing celestial energy.
Who is this beast? this creature of the dark? The town howls,
hysterical at the silhouette of the devil pacing
upon the woodland hills.
Not for a moment did they suspect
that the haunting brute was a part-time waitress at Tom’s Diner, a radiator of smiling sunbeams.
She is the girl who slips off her skin under the goddess moon
and ravenously claws at the night.

The author's comments:

I sort of got the inspiration for this poem from realizing that almost every person in the world is unknown to me. I can look at that fast food employee, or my teacher, or a gardener, but I'm not really seeing them. This is an interpretation of that concept, but with a supernatural spin.

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