September 1, 2016
By Conblitz BRONZE, Norwell, Massachusetts
Conblitz BRONZE, Norwell, Massachusetts
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This tempestuous storm - It burns inside of me!

Im trying to recollect: What set it free?

I see last year's calendar in a cool monochrome,

But I just realized its only this year's palendrome.


The dates unravel into the timeless abyss,

I have no remorse, nothing left to miss.

The past is dull, the present is my blight,

Maybe, if I try, my future I can still rewrite.


I am merely a victim of procrastination,

But now time has run out - Im at the destination.

But, alas, I have arrived here without an agenda,

Lost in this grand terminal, possibly forever.

The author's comments:

I often consider how fast the first two years of high school transpired, and I realise, despite where I may be, how much more I could have done to further me in merit, and possibly in life. Procrastination is almost a sin, if done excessively. One would be much better off in life if they acted early on.

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