Deathly Lie

August 31, 2016
By Tabieone SILVER, CHANDLER, Arizona
Tabieone SILVER, CHANDLER, Arizona
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I may not agree with what you have to say but i will fight to the death for your right to say it

I live in a life, not of my own creation
One that I must choose a path for
A path already set by fate
Predestined by GOD, but easily able to change
A change that comes like a wave, rolling over me
It carries me out, towards death as life grows from within
I die as I lived, fighting death till the end, from start to finish, I finish last it is sad
But what does that mean, the last to die is the first to mourn
Mourn for my fallen comrades, but who mourn for me
No one I hope to leave a mark other than peace, is a sad one indeed
From that sadness I feel at peace with myself, as if my feelings proved my character
But what does it prove is one selfless, when he weeps, but is not the one death has come for
In these tears there must be joy, a joy that death must wait for you
But, why, you are no prize for death, not one above the other simply next in line
In this line there will always be a cutter, however you are happy to be cut
The lie of the day is, I'm sorry i wish it would have been me instead
Why would you wish this, is it guilt, the guiltless always feel the most guilty
No, it is the only thing a brain can process out of the unprocessable
Funny is it that the unknown, brings out the most emotion
Yet the mixed emotions cause a guilt, so deep even the angels are called to weep
I will not lie that if I die, I would cry, uncontrollably

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