Hurt People, Hurt People

August 28, 2016
By reneekarmen BRONZE, New Britain, Connecticut
reneekarmen BRONZE, New Britain, Connecticut
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Hurt people, hurt people.

That's what they say.

How are we suppossed to avoid it when we're around pain every day.

They say life ain't easy, they tell us its hard.

So we let the past take over and we let it bombard.

But we have to break free, and we have to work hard.

Like many others my story is the same,

I grew up alone, but there was no one to blame.

My family was gone and so was my mother, I looked everywhere for them, couldnt even find my brother.

Years and years went by still I was alone. With no one around my heart turned cold as stone.

I begged and begged for someone to hear me. All I wanted was a human body someone who cares to be near me.

Lots of people fall deep into temptation, turn to drugs, alcohol or sex as a form of self medication.

Let me tell you a little something, that's never going to be me.

Hurt people, Hurt people

that's what they say.

But I'm making a change and I'm making it today.

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