August 25, 2016
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Every Year
Every Month
Every Day
Every 12 hours
Every 1 hour


Every tick
Every tock
Every number on the clock


1 second
2 seconds
60 seconds tops


1 minute
1 minute
Is all I’ve got


1 minute to play
1 minute to dance
1 minute to sing
1 minute to relax


1 minute to read
1 minute to write
1 minute to learn
1 minute to explore


Every second leads to a minute
Every minute leads to an hour
Every hour leads to a day
Every day leads to a month
Every month leads to a year


All of this time
Do we truly need a year
To accomplish something
As simple as a smile


Do we truly need all this time
What if all we had
Is 1 minute


1 minute
1 minute
1 minute


All it takes is 1 minute

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