Childhood Fantasies

August 24, 2016

Drift away to the attic
Full of childhood fantasies
There he has created a box
Especially made for me

In his toy chest
I await his return
So we can play
But always his way

If I don’t comply
He won’t reply
I’ll sit and wait
In his coveted toy chest

Sometimes he takes me out
Because I am his favorite doll
He takes me to the amusement park
For lots of fun and games

He takes me on the roller coaster
To make my emotions rise and fall
Up and down he sends me
Until my head and heart intertwine

He plays games with me
He plays games of control
Mind Games
Games of destruction

He is playing “God”
In his little toy box world
But he isn’t in control
I am

I am more than part
I am a whole
I am not a pawn in the game
I’m God’s child
Although I am a child
I don’t play games like him
My heart knows its own desires
It isn’t full of childish fantasies

My heart is full of love
Not plastic
I am a Woman
Not a toy

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