I is black girl

August 19, 2016

Is chocolate factory am melting in your your mouth
I is beauty in bite size pieces
But I am toothache if you have too much of me

I am sugar rush and crash
I can be a painful love
I am proof that love comes at a price

I know that I hurt all who love me
I know I am cavity
But I swear it's not in purpose

I swear everyday I try to reverse back to cocoa bean
back to tree
Back to protected by shell unbothered untouched

I promise you that I can try to be pleasure
To be smile pearly and beam stretched across midnight skin tone
All I ask is for you to be careful

To unwrap my packaging without tearing it
But first read my labels
You should memorize my nutrition facts

Remember in every bite that you take that I am
toothache if you have too much of me
You finished me without

You unfolded me like I was the last orchid left
The only person I would allow to relish my sweet crystalline
And you know I am cavity but you don't care

You still think my packaging is beautiful

You recite to me my nutrition facts and tell me
that you don't even bother to brush your teeth

You always savor my sweetness
You hands stained viscid and you've never even thought of soap
You knew I was cavity

You knew I was sick
And sugar high and crash
Your friends told you of my side affects

They told you I was dangerous
that you were asking for trouble
Yet you decided to continue to crash until the day you don't get up again

You tell me to continue being sweet
So I remain sugar
Keep being chocolate fountain and toothache

I keep being black girl

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