The world is a universe

August 16, 2016
By Anonymous

You've been holding on too long

just sing this sad song


you don't know what's right or wrong

but you can't ask someone to guide you.
You're shattered inside,

you've got nothing in mind

Your smiles are lies
But can can't cry, can you?

The tears that don't drop

They always get clogged up

In the will to be strong

In the will to hang on

But you never get better

and you only get more clogged up

when are you gonna them go,oh?

And even when you're smilin', sometimes you feel like crying

Just a plea for help, since you can't find it yourself.

You want to scream out how you feel


To end this ordeal

You want someone to help

But you just think you can deal.

You're pathetic and weak, you belong at people's feet, every

tear shows just how much


can't handle

you know it's not true

but no one's telling you

becuase they don't know,

it's like you're a ghost.


They only see what you allow

You hold it all in, not sure how

and when the dam does break

you make sure that you're full of hate.

Just a real smile

Even once in a while

it's all you want, it's all you show and it's the fake ones that


Just some happiness

Is all you ever dream of

Not to be rich or famous

but to just know you're above

Above what you've been through

It never just tells you

It's always just huanting you

like you let it do.

Oh,oh,oh oh oh

Oh, oh oh oh oh

One day you woke up

The sun shone bright above

And a smile came across

you didn't feel like a disgrace

you didn't point out the flaws

you didn't act like anything you wanted was againt the law

you made some breakfast

for the ones you love

and they said, "Thank you much, we don't deserve your love"
Now that was new to you

you were sure it wasn't true

I mean it couldn't be

you was a disgrace to this family

But they didn't say they loved you

Like they do everyday

And it falls across your ears, no they said



deserve your love

As if it was this great, holy thing from above

As if you were this lovely person

Who never asked for a thing

Who always knew how to bring other's happiness

That's when it hit like a rock

you'd been seeing stars

when the world was a universe,

ya, the world is a universe.

So the very next day, you asked if a friend could stay over

To see
If they weren't repusled like you are by yourself

And they said,"Of course, you're the best friend I could ask for"

you asked them to repeat again

Why were you only hearing this now?


This couldn't be true, could it now

I mean, what do you want they want to do with you?

you've never said your opinion

afraid that it was wrong

you never sang a song

Becuase you were afraid your voice would be wrong

But here they are

Saying that they don't deserve you

Have you only been seeing what you only wanted to see?

And you saw

The person you liked

They walked, a smile on like,"Hey, how are you? I'm good, thanks for asking too."

And then said,"See you around later?"

You nodded, despite that your mind debated

and waved

and then walked away

feeling giddy

And you wish the feeling would stay.

You stop on your way home

let the breeze guide your drifting soul

You get stuck in a hole

You look up to a see a tree
Happily blooming

You take in a breath, and realize you can be

as much of yourself as you want to be

As you lean your tired back on the blooming tree

By comes a calming breeze, whispering to you comfortingly

All you can hear and see

Are the birds chirping happily.

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