August 14, 2016

you had me on a leash

for the longest of times.

you dragged me around,

'til i was covered with grime


and confused by your methods

and your records of crime

that still seem to make your

victims fall every time


one day you chose to set me free

and i was the happiest i could be

i flew through the sky, without a thought

of what would happen to the key


that i attatched to my collar

that seemed to cost only a dollar

but to me it meant so much more

a way to my heart, an open door


that you ran through and occupied

all of my posessions you sneakily eyed

and took whatever you simply pleased

and then my heart you decided to seize


i didn't mind, it made me happy

"i love it," you lied

and made your hurtful getaway snappy


and that's how i got back on your leash

i came to the conclusion that i was not a piece

of your life anymore

i was just the carpet on the floor



but deep inside, i needed you

even when my feelings were messily strewn


and so i came crawling back,

the leash had pierced me like a tack

and left a print i can never forget

for too long, your abuse i had let



i'll never be free

from the unnoticed oblivion

that is occupied by only me.

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