August 12, 2016
By InkCatcher GOLD, Lunenburg, Massachusetts
InkCatcher GOLD, Lunenburg, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
" All who wander are not lost." J.R.R. Tolkien

Throwing question marks of meaning to the wind

No,to the stars

to the galaxy

to the universe

catching only stardust

An ingrediant

not an answer

Trapped in a mind

lost in the maze of its wanderings



relentless observations

An escape to New York City

No, a quest

to save a damsel that calls herself 'Purpose'

A fairy-tale

where every action is done but not acknowledged

not questioned

not cared for

Honesty is requested

the truth is not

Saw reality so vividly

that he sees lies, fabrication, and fantasy around every street corner

in every taxicab

on every barstool

Every word that was spoken,

a masquerade with painted faces

Woke up from a dream where he could walk on water

into a nightmare where he was drowning at see

Sees reality from the persepctive of a broken mirror


whose only realness are the people that skirt around it like they would a stray dog,ignoring its existance

Reality is understanding that most people do not want to see its wounds

He saw the wounds but everybody turned away when he tried to help

Shown that life is a game one plays by rules

Rules that told him that if he wasn't them

he was invisible

Broke every rule because he could see the playing cards mocking him

his pain

his fallen innocense

Playing every card wrong

because he had already lost everything playing them right

Wondering simply where the ducks went when their home froze around them

wondering how hard it would be to join them

"Don't let disappear" he said

because he could finally see the world itself pressing him into oblivion

Falling to catch unscathed hearts before they dropped into the same abyss he was trapped in

Let them run through the rye to the end of time

Dancing horses with his sister riding

with cold rain turning her cheeks pink

riding to music in endless circles

Letting him know that life continued moving even through the coldest of times

That whatever beauty he caught

he would hold onto it

and cherish it

until it is time to let go 

The author's comments:

I wrote this in response to those who greatly dislike this book. This is all the arguments I have surrounding Holden's character in poetry form.

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