August 10, 2016
By ToorutheGreat SILVER, Allen, Texas
ToorutheGreat SILVER, Allen, Texas
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the playground was our world,
the one we called the Nakamuran Isles
we morphed it into different lands whenever we had the whim
black borders were our battlements,
top of the slides our throne room
the garden or beneath a tree the places we frolicked
we had our grounds and our tennis courts
and the village beyond our walls was one we oft walked through
socializing with the people, no boundaries, no heavy crown

seven years ago we uncovered a symbol of power
and started building our kingdom from there
six years ago was the height of our reign
the golden year, the year we named us
five years ago was the first recession,
where two of us royals went away
four years ago was the silver year
the reunion year, the bittersweet

three years ago we fell apart, and began conquering on our own
the crowned year, new courts and diplomats, in contact but still alone
two years ago we were wholly divided into separate kingdoms
before the crown got too heavy, but still don't wait for me anymore I'm gone
one year ago I f***ed it up and lost it all
of course you didn't wait for me; what good is a spoiled queen who falls?

zero is now, back at a beginning
more alone than the start, more hardened than before
all on separate paths now;
our playground is no more
playgrounds are places for children, they said when they took it away,
but I disagree,
playgrounds are places to wander once they're vacant
and remember the days you adored.

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