Music is Freedom

August 10, 2016
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Is Freedom
Sometimes it is not the Song that
Makes you Emotional
It is the People who come to Mind
When you Hear It

I want to Hear it again
I want to see her
You gave me a desire to cling to
The time I spend with you
Yet I don’t want to Hear it again
Yet I don’t want to see her

Maybe there’s a dark road up ahead
We are all afraid to get up on stage
But you still have to Believe
And keep going
You gave me a Forever within
The Numbered Days
And I’m grateful

I used to believe in Forever
But now I think Forever
Is too short
What do you call this Feeling again?
That’s the thing with Pain
It demands to be Felt

Come on!
Let’s go on a Journey!
Believe that the stars
Will light your path
Even a little bit
I stare because they shine so bright
Because we are Musicians!

Did I reach them?
Are you watching?
Do you hear me?
Let it ring!
Be my hero!

Is Freedom

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