July 28, 2016

All I want to do is scream.
I want to scream and everyone and everything.
Because they don’t understand and honestly, I don’t think they want to.
They see me as a bug or an annoying pest and hope that if they shove me in enough corners, if they sweep me under the rug if they can just push me into a box and have me where they want: then everything will be okay.


I don’t want to be in a corner.
I want to fly and I want freedom.
I want them to understand that I can not live like this.

But no matter how much I scream or yell
No matter how much I beg them
No matter how much

They don’t listen.

Because they think they know best, they think that nothing has changed from the decades long ago.

But it has.

It has and I’m stuck.

Stuck living a life that isn’t mine with people that don’t understand and things that don’t feel right.

So all I can do is scream
Scream in my little corner.

Where no one listens.

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