Requiem of Remembrance

August 3, 2016

Picture your vision as an iron language

Power behind a thousand moments

Our dreams beneath a delicate moon

The blackness seen but never felt


Listen to your hearing as a painter's brush

Serenity within every stroke

Our laughter carried gently on the wind

We hear the dark but turn our heads


Savor the aromas of the springtime

Bliss on every scented breeze

Our bond between the blooming buds

The stench of cold but a faded memory


Taste the fruits of your passion

Reward from every conquered trial

Our lips against the salted past

The taste of tears bittersweet


Touch me as the potter's clay

Mold me into your arid heart

Our love lost to the broken road

The jagged divide complete


Remember me when I am gone

Do not regret the past

Our lives were intertwined in song

The first, the lost, the last

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