You Will See Me

July 21, 2016

No matter what I do
You can’t see me
There’s always someone standing there
You can’t see me
I’m standing in the shadows
Of everybody else
Even when I try my hardest
You can’t see me

I want to be seen
I want to be heard
But no one can hear me
And no one can see me

Acting like I’m not there
Because there’s always someone else
I’ve tried and tried and tried and tried
But you can’t see me

I may have acted like I didn’t care
But I do
Every time I try
There’s always someone else

They are the lucky ones
They are the ones being seen
But not me
You can’t see me

It’s not a joke
It’s not funny
It’s not something to laugh about
You can’t see me
And that is the way it has always been

But one day you’ll see me
It may not be soon
It may be a long time from now
But you will see me

You may not remember me
And I may not remember you
But you will see me
My dreams will never be crushed
I can do it
I decide if I am seen
And I decide that I will be
That is the way it will be
You will see me

Now it’s time to take me seriously
And you will see me

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