What Defines Us

July 21, 2016
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as if the skin we bear
as if the pain we’ve endured
as if the language on our tongues
as if the colours we wear and
the colours we are
have become who we are

instead of
the way your fingers soften
when they are lending a helping hand
and the way your heart mends
even when its been
torn apart
and manages to become whole once again

it’s the way you carry on marching
even with rivers flowing down your face
and cement blocks on your spine

it’s the way your skin heals
because it knows you cannot bear to hurt much longer
the way your body sighs
when the sun is setting
and the way every corner of you glows
when you practice your passion

it is your determination and resilience
your courage and your softness

do not forget
that this is what defines us

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