July 20, 2016
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She covers up the bruises
Wiping her tears
He gives his excuses
She wallows in her fears

Convinced she can't quit yet
She says its fine
Breaking into cold sweat
She can't draw the line

Her hands are too weak
Heart too frail
She feels too meek
To throw his a** in jail

He says he changed this time
That it will be okay
If lying was a crime
She'd survive through the day

She wishes to run away
But no one listens
No matter what she will say
Poisoned kisses

She trusted him
Believed his every word
But now the light is dim
The world is blurred

He calls her pretty
Then says shes ugly
Gotta get out of this city
With no money

He says she's a w****
She can't do anything right
Well she can't walk out the door
Not even at night

He's sleeping
She's chained
Now weeping
Her spirit is drained

She thought she was strong
She thought she could fight
But he proved her wrong
He took her light

Hope is fading
Truth sinks in
These words degrading
She's stuck with him

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