July 22, 2016
By jojo.pal SILVER, Norcross, Georgia
jojo.pal SILVER, Norcross, Georgia
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I can see what’s below me, but only vaguely.
Puzzle pieces overlapping and threatening to fall apart.
Beads of sweat and blood and broken friendship bracelets scatter around me.
Below this floor is something much worse.
Or is it better?
Below is the Unknown.
Up here is familiar,
but broken.
As time slips through my tired fingers,
Piece by piece of the puzzle falls into the Unknown.
But I don’t notice until I fall.
I guess I put the puzzle together the wrong way.

The author's comments:

I hope that people will realize that standing on top of the puzzle is much worse that the "Unknown". I speak from experience to say that yes, it hurts to fall through, but it's what's beyond that floor where you can truely discover who you are and be happy with it.

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