He Left Me Empty

July 20, 2016
By RecklessQuint SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
RecklessQuint SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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He was like poison in my veins
An alcoholics first sip after being sober
There’s no way to control the addiction that he brings
Like a heroin addict needs a needle

Impossible to look away
We don’t mix
We’re like gasoline on fire
Designed to destroy me

His big blue eyes deceive me
Make you believe that he can give you the world
Personality sweeter than sugar
And masculinity braver than the dark skies

In reality he’s only out to betray you
Play you until there is nothing left to feel
Emotions emptier than the craters of the moon

He is the thing they teach you to beware of
But was designed perfect in every way
The way his soft pink lips match in size
Or the way his jagged jawline deep defined in his face
Kissed me the way the sun rise met the horizon
But then took my very same breath away

His heart beat words
That traveled to the tomb on his tongue
One look from him and I gave my life away
I knew my world was about to turn into a beautiful catastrophe
Yet he’s a knife
And cuts me a little deeper until there’s nothing left to bleed

The bathroom floor at 3 am is where my thoughts of him rest
I always find myself coming back for more
I found energy in his smell
The way his scent stained my shirt
But they always end up smothered by the saltiness of my tears


The words “I love you” tasted bitter on my lips
As if my mouth knew before I even formed them
That he wasn’t deserving of my time

He was the ocean in the midst of incredible storms
Created by his very own soul
And I was the ship that was swallowed up by the deepest part

When we touched my mind was fireworks
Exploding at thoughts of what could have been
He was like poison in my veins

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