The Artificial Jungle

July 19, 2016

I went on a journey back in time.

The people laughed, the buildings were shacks, and the animals roamed.

Everything was free.

The air didn't suffocate, the words weren't unkind, the thoughts weren't jammed.

I came back home and looked around.

The people, they tried, the buildings, they soared, the animals, they died.


The focus wasn't free.

Cranes grew fangs, smiles growled, lights dimmed down.

Nature was gone, the artificial jungle was born.

The people were animals, the animals were people.

The food was power, as kindness became homelessness.

Few people ran, too many stayed.

If only they had just obeyed.

I opened my eyes, and what did I see?

The animal, the food, the freedom, was me.

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