July 15, 2016

And with a snap…
I am no longer protected.
I begin to ask myself “What even is safety?”
Because I am, now, exposed.
And I took my friends down with me, the ones that didn’t ask to be, with my poor judgement.
Scary for them, no?
And scary for me.
My fault.

The deficit of privacy, for me, is agonizing.
For you, it’s your sweet addiction. You, sick in the head, you f**king love it.
Seeing others expose themselves…
you eat it up- like a wild animal.
You are not an animal
we are not in the wild.
Snaps belonging to your peers, become apart of you.
When, infact, it doesn’t belong to you.
You do not have the right.

Some snaps are becoming and others just shameful.
Although it maybe shameful, you still choose to watch.
What does that make you?
Curious? Lonely? Jealous?
If anything, it makes me familiar to avoidance.
Avoiding my exposure.
Avoidance means safety, I convince myself.
“What you don’t know won’t hurt you.”

The becoming to the eye media, raw and all, tempts you to document it.
For your own use; your own desires.
Screenshots come in pairs,
then turn into larger numbers.
Sometimes media -sometimes people- can be deceitful.
Even though there is no reason to be.
So why lie? I ask. I’m sure you ask too.
You don’t really care at the end of the day.
Maybe for a moment, the split moment within your screenshot of my exposure, you do.
But, you don’t really care.
Not as much as I think you do.
You’re just f**king sick.

The snap consumes; it wastes away your time.
But you will continue, aware of your sweet addiction.
And, I too, will consume my time watching and waiting for more to expose themselves just like I did.

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random_chick said...
Jul. 17, 2016 at 5:44 pm
This is so great!
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