Pick up the pieces

July 10, 2016

When I open a newspaper
Fear should not be the first thing I feel

When I wake up and see dozens of messages on my phone
My first instinct should not be to worry.

When I see a city or country’s name trending online
My first thought should not be, “Something terrible has happened.”

Parents should not have to call their children
To make sure they’re still alive.

Cafes should not be considered dangerous places

People having fun at a club should not have their lives ripped away from them in minutes.

People going to places of worship to PRAY, should not leave in body bags.

A man driving with his girlfriend and daughter in the car should not be stopped for a broken taillight
Instantly in danger because of the color of his skin

There are so many things that should not be happening
That happen every day
The world is a broken place
And really, the only way we can make it better for ourselves
Is if we find people who are willing to pick up the pieces with us.

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