Perfection in a Theatre

July 7, 2016
By MirandaKing BRONZE, Halifax, Other
MirandaKing BRONZE, Halifax, Other
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I love how you look in the theatre
The way the light from the movie illuminates your face and body
I can see everything,
Yet at the same time we are in total darkness
Except the one source of light
When you laugh shadows form in the places of dimples and wrinkles
Shadows outline your head and body as the darkness gathers behind you
It's like seeing you through a filter, but it's more like a thousand filters
Because as each second of film passes through the projector
Each new lighting creates new shadows and the old ones fade
And even though you never notice, I look at you every chance I get
I love to marvel in your beauty in these short moments of wonderment
And in the fractions of seconds that I get to look at you unnoticed
I sit and I wonder:
How could anyone be so perfect?

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this when I was invited to see a movie with my now ex boyfriend and his family. It wasn't a movie I was very interested in seeing but I went anyway and ended up watching my ex for most of the time

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