Triumph of the Hyperbola

July 6, 2016

lonely and afraid.
a single point left unfixed in the uncoordinated wilderness.
emptiness surrounds, and the axes of the world turn upside down.
disunity and lack of focus impales while over all,
darkness prevails.

in the distance the point sees, a standard bearer, a force of unity.
gone now the constant threat soon now the constant distance,
from the terror and the emptiness.

fixed and true the points now stand, a perpetual span across the land, curving all away and out.
curving towards that unknown limit,
the boundary which hides their brothers.
dissolve the barricade and the points will see a mirror image.
quite uncanny.

once dismay and void, now bright stars.
cognate in pivot around their center.
emerging properties from such a union find much use side's defence
of constant distance difference.

here the arrangement lends one to gaze
past the skies and through the maze,
of the night.

difference in distance affords implement,
in structure, monument, edifice.
the light one sees upon the wall and the power which forms it,
assisted still by this brave constellation.
light begets light,
perhaps ripples beget ripples

glass water, smooth and tepid,
till twice disturbed.
forming ripples join and make,
a difference in distance constant.
an interim begets constance,
perhaps constance isn't so.

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