The Dream & Wish of the Author

July 5, 2016

I am optimistic in the future and generous
I wonder why people embrace the tempting evil whispering in their ears to murder someone or steal that person’s money instead of dashing to the arms of good
In my dream, I hear people laughing sweet, melodious chuckles without any hurtful bullying
In my dream, I see beautiful smiles on everyone’s faces
I want everybody to be happy even if it means sacrificing a bit of my happiness
I am optimistic and generous

I pretend to smile a lot for everyone to catch the happy virus, not the sad virus
I feel sweet pain telling me that the sacrifice I am doing is to help that person gain their happiness
I touch my happiness filled in a bucket and let some of it go to give to others in need of a smile
I worry that the world will be filled with too much darkness cackling at us weak mortals
I cry that I sometimes cannot change a person’s wicked heart
I am optimistic and generous

I understand that we are humans who make mistakes
I say that we make mistakes to learn and make the world a better place for our future generations to live
I try to push away my grudges and strong opinions about people and treat them equally no matter what they did to me
I hope for love bouncing on everybody’s heart
Kindness swirling around everybody’s face
Honesty resting on everybody’s cherry lips
I am optimistic and generous

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