For You

July 2, 2016
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I've yet to cry.

I've seen your face

in some far-off dream,

but now it seems like a nightmare-

life seems like a nightmare

without you.


And your face held so much love

that it hurt to look at.

You held out your right arm

and you pleaded,

and yet still you smiled that sweet smile

for me.


You looked so haunted

by what was meant to be.


I will not cry,

because I've yet to say goodbye.

I will not cry.

You must come back.

You have to come back,

if only so I can say goodbye.


These choices, choices;

they all leave me doomed,

but I don't care.

I care about the pain in your eyes,

the cry from your lips,

and for you I will let

you go.


For you I will let it all go.

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