Moving On

July 12, 2016
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My dear friend,
Are simply lying
To yourself.

You say
That you want distance
From the toxicity
Of you friends,

But won’t you see
That you have been
Nothing but poison,
Poison for me?

You have pulled
On all my patience,
At my own mind.

You’ve stretched
My confidence
Until I can’t see anymore
What’s beautiful.

Still, you have
Ripped out
Any part of me
That has ever been kind,

And replaced it
With a desperate
Cry for help that reads
“Notice me.”

My dear friend,
Have convinced yourself
That you are not a prize.

That you might only
Find real treasure
If you grow
A certain size.

You have tried
To pull me down
With you to Hell,

Because even those
Who are truly doomed
Need company
At night.

But I will not let you
Drag my body,
Sweeping beside
Your feet.

I will not let you
Make me feel
Like I am not
A treasure.

A treasure
To be coveted,
And loved —
Protected, too.

Because I am
A treasure.

And darling,
You are, too.

But I cannot wait
Around for you,
With a stopwatch
In my hand.

For I am growing,
Feeling better,
Getting stronger,
Learning life.

And you,
My dearest friend,
Are simply lying
To yourself.

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