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Night: delicate scent of lavender
scattered on bedroom wallpaper.


Rain-soaked darkness—wafting
through the open window in waves.


I sit on my bed sipping black coffee
with branches of constellations


tangled around my brain like
holiday lights criss-crossing a city


evergreen on New Year’s Eve, when
the snow reflects muddled hues. Girl




onto paper—hey, June, it’s summer,


tattoo your body with the perfume
of citrus orange, all its sweetness
and terrible acidity


scorching your tongue
like a nervous kiss?


Tonight: explain this glowing nostalgia
yet metallic future to me,


all these emotions whirling
in a black massive inconceivable sky,
extract phrases


unless you can’t.
Then don’t.


Just release your pen
and savor a breath, washing in


the vast inexpressible.

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