In other peoples' writing, I see you

July 5, 2016
By lamewriter SILVER, Chestertown, Maryland
lamewriter SILVER, Chestertown, Maryland
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In other people's’ writing, I see you.
I see you
with messy hair
glasses dirty
carefree on the outside
always smiling
careful on the inside
always guarded
waiting for something.
I don’t know what,
but it’s big.

In other people's’ writing, I see me.
I see me
with smudged eyeliner
hair tied back
strong opinions
on the outside
stronger opinions
on the inside
waiting for something.
I know exactly what.
It’s you.

In other people's’ writing, I see us.
I see us
slow dancing
star gazing
gasps of pain
far too often
gasps of pleasure
not often enough
waiting for nothing
because everything we need
is right here.

The author's comments:

Not about anyone in particular, really. I just like to play with creating my own structure and rules when it comes to poetry.

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