Purple Plastic Glasses

July 4, 2016

He is someone who….
screeches at every minor thing that I do
smashes his purple plastic glasses when things don't go his way
insists on starting at the end of the book so he can purposely reveal the hidden secrets,
Spoiling that crescendo of anticipation and apprehension

I remember…
Numerous ponytails on top of his head adorned with pink hair ties,
his belting out Christmas carols, the spirit of our home
Calling baked tofu “chocolate cheese”
his yellow pencil always flying across a stray piece of paper
Creating the most unorthodox fantasies that only come in dreams

Brought lemon Starbursts home for me
Drew pictures of me with ancient, stubby crayons
Boasted relentlessly about me
And through all that enmity carelessly thrown at me
Has always loved me for all I have known

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