June 29, 2016

I swallowed my pride,
I wrote my regrets,
Being too weak to tell you upfront,
I sealed off my heart and handed it to you on a silver platter,
I guess I should have realized that you can't read between the lines,
Because you seemed to have missed the point,
But I guess if I hadn't hidden behind my ballpoint pen,
Things would be different.
"It's Fine,” you say,
I wrote a note,
Coated with devotion,
For you to read my evil deeds,
That I did not mean,
Like a fool I expected more,
And that's a shame on you,
But since I gave you so little,
It's a shame on me to think you would care enough,
To not break my heart with two words,
That mean simply nothing,
But I guess that's fine.

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