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Life is a storm

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Life is a storm
You make mistakes,
You get into fights,
And you think that no one cares
That you would be better off dead
That the world would be better without you

No matter what you think,
There are people who care,
Who love you and would take a bullet for you
But you push them away
You push them away because you're afraid of being loved

You have been betrayed, backstabbed, hated,
turned on by those you trusted most
When things went south
You're only trying to survive
Being alone is better than being hurt

Life is a storm but it is also a hurricane for most
But at the end of every storm and hurricane…
There's always a rainbow.
Be it an hour, or a week, maybe your whole life,
There will be a rainbow waiting for at the end, smiling at you
Telling you that you're beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, and perfect just the way you are
And you will walk into that rainbows arms and just cry because you can
You have the right too and no one can stop you.

Your life may not be as bad as many others
But no matter what, what it is to you,
Is what it is because only you know
What you really feel, what you go through,
What you need but can't have.

That rainbow will always be there for you,
Never betray you, hurt you,
Back stab you, or leave you in your worst.
Because that's what rainbows are for.
To help you get back up on your feet
The rainbow that stands there with their arms open for you,
Was born to stand there and love you
Nothing can change that

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