June 12, 2016
By ArtsyAuthor PLATINUM, Oakland, New Jersey
ArtsyAuthor PLATINUM, Oakland, New Jersey
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"At first you don't succeed, try, try again."

Sharpening your claws in secret
Your hands so red with blood
There is no one you trust
At every chance, you bring others down
At every chance, you rise to power
Bounding at every prospect of a kill
Slinking in the shadows
Others don't matter, only you
Your greed goes to no extent
Your wickedness is infinite
Deceit is so simple,
Since you never told the truth
You run away from the light,
Afraid to show who you really are
Fearing to reveal your true intentions
You never have trouble concocting lies
And you twist reality with your own words
You plaster a smile on your face
Yet you have only darkness within
Dishonesty comes easily to you
Backstabbing is a skill you have mastered
You coax your prey into your hands, promising them safety
At the perfect timing you tear into their flesh
And rip apart their carcasses
That's what you are, only a mass of carcasses
Behind you is a trail of blood,
Behind you is a trail of massacres,
Front of you is more prey to kill
Front of you, you see only yourself
As you reach your throne of bones
You smile your evil smile
With your bloody lips
With your sharp teeth
You look down at the mountain of people you have slayed
You look down at the ones who trusted your lies
You are proud, but you fail to see
The gray skies, lost of their light
The lifeless earth, lost of their worth
You may rule the land,
But you rule nothing,
You rule alone
Hail, the Lord of Death
You have eaten the forbidden fruit

You are human

The author's comments:

History has always been so full of greedy people with so much blood on their hands. I wrote this in a metaphorical sense to represent humankind's sin. I don't wish to say that everyone is like this, but there are, sadly, too many.

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