May 23, 2016
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your eyes are shade 2.9 brown, exactly 63.5 millimeters

apart--falling exactly within the range of

established parameters, as indeed everything about you does.

if you could only return to the

factory in which you were assembled,

then you would see. you could rest

your hands on the cold, steel railing and look

down on the robotic assembly line, which once

screwed those very hands into their sockets--

could see them recreating engineered perfectionism

day in and day out. and you could take comfort in

this process, and what it means for you, a product

of this uniform repetition: you don't have the capacity

to be restless. to make a mistake. no, the precision

is in you, in your perfect teeth and flawless skin, as

indeed everything you ever do/have done/will do

is orderly. rational. calculated to accomplish the most

while wasting the least. to produce the utmost

happiness. so don't worry. be at peace, knowing that the

analyses certified that all the stress you will ever come under won't

break you--a comforting fact, especially

since you can't heal. your body is, after all, made of

wires and equations, rubber and steal, which cannot

repair themselves, cannot grow. so yes (back to your

original question--) you can be replaced.

you are perfectly replaceable. (your schematics

are stored in zero's and one's in the computer and

backed up in hard drives at a dozen banks.)

don't ask any more illogical questions.

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