Painted Eyes

May 17, 2016
By ChristinaTerrazas GOLD, Chantilly, Virginia
ChristinaTerrazas GOLD, Chantilly, Virginia
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-"I don't care if you burn."

The crumbling sands of the many oceans are forced to ride the ways of the halcyon waves,
Experiencing life through a size less than that of a pebble, and sinking to the bottom.
Uncovered, yet drifting through the path we were forced to follow. “Remember to behave.”
A law like a cryptonym, learning the true lessons. Living through the ties that brought them.
Adjusting my back to bend like the rest, never break the 4 austere rules. “Mother knows best.”
I can only see the blurred glimpses of the flotilla that run above us.” We can’t ever leave.”
Their philosophy only bothers me, can’t hear my heart through my dying chest.
We all have our painted eyes on top of our stapled ones. “No one may ever believe.”
The unctuous personality that people pretend to have, my final plea.
I had to see their insouciance and their pointless fighting.
Maybe the waves are forced to ride the ways of the many ocean’s crumbling sands.

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