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March 29, 2016
By PresCocoRain GOLD, Montgomery, Alabama
PresCocoRain GOLD, Montgomery, Alabama
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It’s 6 in the morning.
A solo cup of orange juice spills
and dribbles off the counter top
“Wow! There goes my daily optimism.”
I really wanted that Vitamin C –
Citrus is one thing that makes me really happy
Then, I hear the refrigerator close.
You flash into view with the slosh of some
beverage, then a moist thump on my chest.
“Why are you up? Why’re you hugging me?”
You’re even yawning on me.
It’s 6 in the morning.

You let go, and I look down, disgusted
because there’s something soaking my tee
But looking back up, you smile at me
So radiantly … I’m smiling back too.
“Don’t worry. There’s a cap on it.”
And we laugh wiping the counter top
as we’re cleaning the puddles away

A twist-off bottle of orange juice
Keeps my day so bright and optimistic
You poured me a bottle of optimism
And it makes me feel brighter than the moon
because it came from you.

The author's comments:

This poem represents anyone in your life who always seems to make you happy, whether it be a boyfriend, a mom or dad, a sibling, friend, etc. I was inspired by the song "400 Lux" by Lorde when she talks about her lover getting her orange juice, which I thought was cool because looking at orange juice makes me happy because of how bright it is (McDonald's I'm looking at you).


I'll stop talking now, and let the poem speak for itself.

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