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Existence Without Poetry

March 7, 2016
By Joyouscellyjc GOLD, Amritsar, Other
Joyouscellyjc GOLD, Amritsar, Other
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There is freedom waiting for you on the breezes in the sky and you ask, "what if I fall?" but oh my dear, "what if you fly?"

Sometimes I feel it rising inside of me, like a storm wanting to unleash,
A desire running so deep,
It tears my flesh apart,
And takes me somewhere beyond the horizon of life,

Its a desire to create art,
Then bask in its glory,
To create a masterpiece that stays with me till my last breath and beyond,
A song my soul proposes pumped with the breeze of my heart,

For men come and men go,
We are born alone and we die alone,
The rich, the royals are quoted,
The rest of mankind remains unsung,

I believe though He has a purpose for a each one of us,
Those who roam the Earth, His oblivious children,
My poetry takes me to a point beautifully beyond zenith,
Where I breathe the relieving taste of eternity,

There my burning desire takes a form so raw and wild,
Yet it gives birth to something so gentle and soothing,
Every day, a hearty reminder I get,
Of what my existence would be without poetry

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