This is not a love poem.

February 24, 2016
By LionGrace GOLD, Guthrie, Kentucky
LionGrace GOLD, Guthrie, Kentucky
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I have read a million and one

Poems about love.

Unrquited, Fated, Horrible, Lovely.


Will I ever write one too?

Will I ever have love, to be written about?

Why would someone love me?

Who could really see?

I will love

Many people

I know that for sure.

But lucky them,

Who wrote that poem

On a whim,

Of sweet first love.

Who am I?

Will I cry?

For that lost love of mine?

Will love apply

To me?

When time has passed,

Will I look back and see,

And think,

"How silly of me! I am in love"

Will I? Won't I?

It feels impossible.

Love is for other people,

Not me.

Who will see.

Who will see,


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