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February 18, 2016
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When you liked a boy

he showed he liked you too

When he pulled your hair

and stuck it all in glue.


At least, that's what mother said,

"Boys will be boys," she'd say.

He's definitely got a crush on you

if he's mean to you every day.


When a boy likes you too,

he'll tell everyone that you're weird.

You'll sit in the bathroom crying

with all of your makeup smeared.


At least, that's what father said,

"Boys will say crazy stuff.

It just means he's taken a liking

and thinks you're really tough."


When a boy thinks you're pretty,

he'll punch you until you're not.

Then kiss the rising bruises

like you had never fought.


At least, that's what the doctor said,

"His mind's not in the right.

He'll like you with this medicine

and soon you'll never fight."


When a man wants to marry you,

he'll force a child into your womb.

Then every night he'll want to kill you

and threaten to do it soon.


At least, that's what you like to say

when the pain pills don't take the pain.

"Boys will be boys," you whisper.

And then the next night, do the same.


When a man really loves you,

he won't show up when you're due.

He'll give you a beautiful daughter

and then just disappear from view.


At least, that's what people tell you

when you're raising her on your own.

Every night singing lullabies,

then sleeping by the phone.


When a boy really likes her

and she likes him too,

He'll trip and hit your princess,

and you'll laugh like you never knew.


Knew that boys who like you

won't abuse you like their toys.

But still, you find yourself saying,

"Boys will just be boys."

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