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January 18, 2016
By elephab12 BRONZE, Katy, Texas
elephab12 BRONZE, Katy, Texas
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She dreamed of a simple life

With little ambition

Little spark

Little madness

Little room for disappointment


She married at

Age eighteen

To a simple man

Who had

Little ambition

Little spark

Little madness

Little room

For disappointment


And if you asked

They were fine, just fine

Thank you



They did not stare in wonder

At the sky

Gateway to the stars

Barrier to the beyond


It was there

Just there

They did not run their

palms over the curved spine

Of a book





They did not stop and stare

Into the expanse around them

They did not care enough

to absorb

to appreciate

to be amazed

But don’t worry

they were fine, just fine

Thank you

They did not live

They existed


The author's comments:

For a long time I had this image of this girl in my head who expected little from life and in turn got little back from it. To go through life without being caught off guard or without being amazed by the phenomenon of just living is a true shame. To wonder and explore and challenge is part of being human and to deny oneself of this is to lose grip on what makes So go on and do something a little crazy, a little mad, a little ambitious. Regret is a far worse feeling than faliure.

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