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January 16, 2016
By PresCocoRain GOLD, Montgomery, Alabama
PresCocoRain GOLD, Montgomery, Alabama
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You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.
-Rad Bradbury

Wallflowers, Evergreens
Peach tree ovaries
All have a place in society
And being in the limelight
Stops no mind suicide
And mind suicide
Isn’t observing from the side
Watch and learn
You can still see a brain die
While the victim’s in the light
Or they can wallow in a fallacy
Or be dictated by their work
Or hide themselves during wartime
Mind suicide
Is doing what is wrong until it feels oh so right
All have a place in society
Wallflowers, Evergreens,
Those peach tree ovaries
But where did they come from?
How did they grow?
Who gives them nurturing?
Other than rain and sun’s glow
Ask the roots:
The system underground that
Gathers the food, bolsters the
Tree, pumps water for the leaf
Stretches the wallflower,
Gives life to the Evergreen, and
Produces the fruit, the golden peach
If you want to not succumb
To mind suicide, then find
Your roots before you march
On the field and off the sidelines
Plant a seed with consciousness
Seep from the soil of righteousness
And your tree will grow in steadfastness
With fruit abundant to spread joyfulness
Why do only good to be beloved?
Be the foundation for all the above
All have a place in society
Roots keep the world from crumbling
Those with roots live certainly

The author's comments:

Part 5 and final part of my poetry collection "mind suicide": doing what is wrong until oh it feels so right. This poem is kinda cheesy, explanitory, but it' s a perfect conclusion. It explains fully the problem that has gone on in all the poems in the collection - teenagers falling into peer pressure and temptation because they haven't found their roots (They don't know themselves).

I sometimes have trouble holding out during the occasional storm, but because of writing, it has giving me the leverage to survive when people challenge my beliefs. I hope that readers who also struggle with this learn from my poem that if they find their roots and figure out themselves, they will be better prepared to be a good person and to help others. And for those who've already learned the lesson, I hope they relate to the benefits of growing their roots.

P.S. A ovary on a tree is a fruit.

Thank you,


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